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Steampunk the Victorian Science Fiction movement that's become a cultural phenomenon. What started as a fiction genre describing alternative history novels and science fiction set in retro-futuristic worlds where civilization had not progressed past the age of steam, is now a subculture unto it's own, with its own distinctive art, literature, movies, aesthetics, and fashion elements.

One of the best ways to give a retro-futuristic vibe to any steampunk clothing outfit is to adorn yourself with some steampunk jewelry. You can choose dainty, understated pieces, or bold cog and compass artful adornments that appear as remnants of forgotten inventions. Steampunk jewelry is an art in and of itself.

Here are 25 of the most unique and imaginative steampunk jewelry pieces on RebelsMarket right now:


1. Handmade Steampunk Key Necklace, From Keeper's Cove

steampunk key necklace

Delicate, whimsical and mysterious, this steampunk key necklace brings to life all the elements of steampunk imagery into one stunning statement necklace. A skeleton key forms the focal point of the piece, with cogs, gears and wings added to give it an otherworldly flair.

2. Stone Flutter Steampunk Butterfly, From Emerald Inceptions

steampunk butterfly necklace

Victorian gentlemen of science would often head off for a ramble through the countryside, hoping to catch unusual specimens for their collections. If they'd come across one of these butterflies, it would've given them quite a start! Made with gears and crystals, the delightful statement necklace would suit a steamy evening dress or costume.

3. Pirate Ship Rivets Punk Watch, From Air Tears Shop

pirate steampunk watch

Air Tears focus on the punk elements of steampunk with their unique steampunk watches. The thick leather strap is adorned with rivets and studs and a scowling pirate, and watch face features another skull and cross bones. The watch is a real quartz movement.

4. Steampunk Brass Heart From Steampunk Jewelry Designs By Friston

steampunk heart necklace

This pretty steampunk heart necklace is made from an antique filigree brass heart pendant, layered with brass gears and embellished with a rose and Red Siam Swarovski Crystals. I love how this piece is dainty and feminine, but with a bit of an edge – the perfect necklace for the steampunk lady in your life.

5. Harry Potter Golden Snitch Steampunk Pocket Watch, From Air Tears

harry potter steampunk pocketwatch

Even Harry Potter has gone steampunk mad – this delightful golden snitch opens up to reveal a fine quartz pocket watch. Now you'll never be late to Potions class again!

6. Victorian Steampunk Book Locket Necklace From Simply Willow

victorian book locket necklace steampunk

This gorgeous aged-brass locket features a small watch movement across the cover. Open the locket to reveal two frames for photographs or tiny keepsakes. An ideal gift for the bookworm in your life.

7. Mini Metal Skulls, From Faustus 70

metal skull steampunk art

These are not quite jewelry but definitely one of the weirdest and most wonderful steampunk creations I've found on RebelsMarket. Artist and professional model maker Neil (Faustus 70) creates these amazing steampunk skulls by shaping scrap aluminum around resin molds. These look fantastic sitting on a desk or cabinet in a library or professor's lair.

8. Alchemy Gothic Steamhammer Pendant, From Alchemists Emporium

alchemy gothic steampunk viking thors hammer


Who knew steampunk and Vikings could go so well together? This ancient Mjollnir pendant has been given a new life with the symbols of the industrial revolution – gears and gauges. Made by Alchemy Gothic, a popular jewelry label, this piece will definitely make a statement.


9. Steampunk Locket Pendant Necklace, From Dragon Bits

An exquisite piece with astonishing attention to detail, this steampunk locket will delight and astound all who see it. Featuring layers of cogs and gears framing a steam locomotive and a bird in flight, this piece captures the industry and innovation of the steam era.

10. Iris Charm – Siamese Cat, By Hibernacula

iris charm necklace steampunk

Victorian scientists were fascinated with the way the body worked, and for the first time doctors started dissecting the bodies of dead citizens and animals to better understand how the body worked. Parts of these dissections would often be preserved in various ways and sold as curiosities. This iris pendant is certainly a curiosity – especially since the eye has long been associated with witchcraft. Handcrafted in the artist's studio, the details of the eye are reproduced with astonishing accuracy.

11. Steampunk Elisabeth Leather Neck Corset, By Sky Pirate Creations

steampunk gothic choker

Inspired by Countess Bathory, the evil countess who tortured her female servants in medieval Hungary and was reported to drink the blood of her victims. This neck corsetwill keep you looking prim and upright, just like a lady should. Despite the rather impressive looking lock, you wont be trapped forever –this piece features adjustable corset lacing at the back.

12. Steampunk Military Pin Broach, By Steampunkalooza

steampunk military broach

Calling all officers of the Royal Dirigible Corps! This one's for you – a winged broach featuring a military crest, with crystals and steampunk accents completing this unique piece. This military broach makes the ideal finishing touch on a military costume.

13. Handmade Steampunk Tea Cup Ring, From Lilith's Creations

steampunk teacup ring

Handmade from brass, this unique ring resembles an industrial teacup. Instead of a fine Earl Grey, this teacup boats a very steamy brew – vintage clock gears set in resin. The ring is adjustable so it can be worn on any size finger. We love this original and funky take on a steampunk tea party theme!

14. Steampunk Vintage Looking Map Ring, From Sexy Club Threads

steampunk vintage map ring

X marks the spot where the pirate treasure is hidden! This adjustable brass ringfeaturing a vintage map design behind a resin globe gives a bit of steampunk flavor to an outfit without going overboard. Ideal for you "office steampunk" attire or for someone who loves to travel the seven seas.

15. Steampunk Pocket Watch Movement Belly Ring, From Wicked Caribou

steampunk belly ring

The Victorians usually weren't keen on decorating their belly buttons, but that doesn't mean you can't give your button a bit of steampunk bling! This cute little steampunk pocket watch movement dangles from an anodized titanium barbell.

16. Egyptian Scarab Beetle Black Enamel Tie Clip, From Edwardian Renaissance

steampunk egyptian scarab beetle

Here's one for the gents. The Edwardians and Victorians had a particular fascination with Ancient Egypt, often collecting and displaying artifacts such as preserved scarab beetles in jewelry. This scarab beetle tie clip is made from high quality stainless steel plated in gold.

17. Bug Dials Steampunk Necklace, From Emerald Inceptions

steampunk necklace

According to the artist who created this unique piece, The Bug of Dials is a very special species – they were created long ago by a scientist who was attempting to give a normal insect an advanced mind. But some of these bugs escaped, and if you're lucky enough to catch one, well …

18. Steampunk Flying Light Bulb Wings Necklace, From Clockwork Alley

steampunk lightbulb necklace

The light bulb was invented in 1879 by Thomas Edison, and scientists were conducting all sorts of experiments on electricity during the Victorian age … some more esoteric than others. This light bulb necklace is a must for any mad (or not-so-mad) scientist – the bulb is flanked by wings made from oxidized silver.

19. Anatomical Steampunk Heart Pendant, By Devilish Designs

steampunk heart necklace

Although this amazing sculpture pendant looks as if it has been made from metal, it's actually crafted from polymer clay. Various vintage odds and ends embellish the piece, giving it that classic steampunk flair. Check out the whole range of wonderful and strange steampunk creations made from Polymer clay in the Devilish Designs shop.

20. Pirate Captain Steampunk Skull Crossbones Wings, From Terrible Mischief Studios

pirate airship broach steampunk

Airship captains come in two classes – there are the dashing heroes of the skies, and then, there are the villains … sky pirates, who will stop at nothing to take the skies for themselves. Pledge your allegiance to the black flag, captain your airship and take no prisoners! This steampunk pirate insignia marks a true steampunk pirate.

21. Steampunk Raptor Claw Pendant, From Keyper's Cove

steampunk raptor claw pendant

In a steampunk world, anything is possible – even the survival of dinosaurs. And if velociraptors are crawling about the place, you better believe there's gainful employment to be had for dinosaur hunters. This steampunk raptor pendant marks a person of this trade, who's survived a hundred dino fights and has the scars to prove it.

22. Steampunk Military Style Dragon Medal, From Steampunk Jewelry Designs By Friston

steampunk military medal

Utilizing silver-plated and antique bronze findings, this military medal might well have been awarded for extreme bravery in the war against steam-powered robots, or for facing off against an flotilla of deadly airship pirates. Celebrating bravery in the skies, this is a beautiful example of Victorian finery re-imagined with a steampunk flair.

23. Victorian Filigree Necklace, With Watch Movement And Crystal, From Mechanique Steampunk

victorian filigree steampunk necklace

With its delicate filigree and antiqued finish, this stunning Victorian necklace would suit any high society steampunk lady. At the centre of this piece, a vintage watch mechanism is adorned with glimmering crystals; a constant reminder that time will outshine us all. The ideal piece to wear with an evening dress or ballgown.

24. Steampunk Collar And Cuffs, Rococo Gold, From Cog And Compass

steampunk collar and cuffs, rococo gold cog and compass


Here's something a little different. Cog and Compass offer a luxurious, refined take on steampunk jewelry with these satin and brocade steampunk cuffs and collar. Join the high fashion aristocracy with this versatile couture accessory – steampunk temptresses, modern Marie Antoinettes and high fashion trendsetters will find fabulous ways to wear this versatile collar and cuff set.


25. Steampunk Gears Of Time Necklace, From Sleepy Willow

steampunk gears necklace

Simply Willow has done it again! This steampunk statement necklace is another example of her many whimsical and fabulous creations. Featuring a variety of antique parts and remnants, including watch parts, silver gears, and art deco stamping. The piece is finished by a stunning vitrail crystal.

There you have it – 25 examples of crazy, wonderful, amazing, beautiful (and sometimes deadly) steampunk jewelry. You'll find plenty more amazing steampunk necklaces, pendants, earrings and bracelets here on RebelsMarket.

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