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How to make steampunk jewlery

I'm going to level with all of you straight out- I don't know how to make any of our products. I'm just the writer, with no more credits to my name than that. So, by request I was asked to write about making Steampunk Jewelry, and we will simply have to learn together.  All the art and the jewelry is not mine! They are google found works of art mae by others as simple examples. Okay, so first off you need some supplies, though what you needs depends on what you're making.  For earrings, as a general rule, you will need an earring wire or a stud to work off, whether you make your own is up to you. And...

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Steampunk Jewelry By Viktoria Soloveva

Viktoria Soloveva is a jewelry creator from Saint Petersburg, Russia. She makes beautiful steampunk style accessories that have a victorian feel to them. "My inspiration is my own love for creativity and beauty," Viktoria told Bored Panda. How did it all start? "I was inspired by searching new possibilities for a hobby that could be a small business that would support me. I saw some of the jewelry that was created already and thought - I could make better!" And so she did. Her intricate pieces found their audience. Viktoria says that sometimes it gets difficult. "The most difficult part is to keep going when it's off season time. But it pays off in the end. I like when my work...

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The Best Steampunk gift guide for Amazon shoppers

Steampunk today can actually be defined in several ways. When it comes to media and entertainment, it is looked at as a sub-genre of science fiction that uses technology and aesthetic designs inspired by the 19th century. Steampunk works often take place in alternative history worlds where Steam powered technology is extremely prominent. This is usually one of the most defining aspects of many Steampunk works. For example, Steampunk technology often on display are Steam powered cars, airships, and analog computers. Typically, the technology and aesthetic shown are nearly as advanced as the technology we have in our modern world but with a distinctly retro look and feel. And if you are interested in Steampunk shopping, and It doesn't matter if you're Steampunk shopping...

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