Cryptex USB Flash Drive

Cryptex USB Flash Drive

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A Cryptex is a unique container which has a mechanical combination lock (rotating rings with letters or digits), which people used hundred's of years ago to keep secrets. Inside the cylinder, there's a container, where you can keep a piece of paper with secret data. Today it's better to use a USB flash drive for data storage.

The Cryptex USB flash drive was engineered in accordance with the original sketches of Leonardo Da Vinci.

The mechanical combination lock protects your digital data. You need to know the 5-digit code to get access to the USB flash drive hidden inside. Only the person who has the password can use it. A great way not only to protect the information, but also to add an element of a game into everyday life.

While in a steampunk style, it will also appeal to people who like gadgets that are different and/or focal points. Please note, the code is NOT changeable

Size: USB flash drive 6.5x2x2 cm; pocket 10x6.7x0.5 cm; box 9x5x5 cm
Material: Zinc alloy covered in either brass, gold or black (with bonded leather strap)
Capacity: 16Gb / 32gb / 64gb / micro-SD card (supports up to 256gb)
Velvet pouch included