Leather Thigh Belt for Men and Women

Leather Thigh Belt for Men and Women

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We at Vontoon are well aware of what the discerning customer requires these days. So we present to you a thigh belt made from saddlery leather, we wouldn't want any mishaps or loss of badassery on those high altitude airship raids that of course you would never take part in. 

Hang a knife from it, hang a wallet from it, hang one of those plastic trolls from it or even just wear it on its own. Perfect for any dystopian future.

Garter: 16.5 - 29 inches approx

included is an extra length of leather thong to make sure that belt doesn't slip down while running for the last dirigible home.

please note - Dystopian futures can attract ne'er do wells and other undesirables, this belt is an ideal way to conceal those items which have a premium on the black market, such as diamonds, gold and chap stick... adventurer by night and airship pirate by even later that night.