Robot Lamp

Robot Lamp

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These Robots are from the "Made for You" Line

I have been making custom lighting from cast pipe for several years now.

****Note: Brass fittings have had a tremendous spike in cost. We will be monitoring these costs and will adjust the price of the piece as those prices change. We do have an all black and all galvanized option available for this series of robots. Thank you.****

We build to order and can customize anything for you.

Each light is handmade to order, build time is typically one to two business days. 

The Thinker - with brass (shown above)
Crossed Leg Thinker - with brass (leg is crossed instead of hanging off the edge)
The Reader - with brass (Same seated position as crossed leg thinker, but arms are raised to hold a book) *Note: Some say it looks like a boxer, since his hands are end caps.