Steam Punk Style Skull And Eye Creepy Phone Case

Steam Punk Style Skull And Eye Creepy Phone Case

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This steam punk style phone case is originally designed by us. We could customize it for most phone models sold in market(We have our connections and could purchase phone cases for most phone models in market). Please note your phone case model when you place an order, and we will try our best to fullfill your order. Thank you!

The eyes on this phone is molded, then carved and painted by hand 100%. The skull is tridimensional. Imagine take your phone out in the library. All the eyeballs attentions you draw. It would make you the coolest guy , period! 

The making process normally takes about 7 days. And we have to buy the raw phone case for your phone model. So it may take about 10 days for us to make the case for you awesome guys. Please do not mind if you wish to purchase.

Please note that this case is 100% made by hand, and it is customized for your phone. So normally we do not accept refund. However we could process refund if your case is severely damaged. However normally we make sure it doesn't happen. We run through every detail carefully before shipping.

We could customize cases for most phone models in market. But it actually takes time. We can't just order cases for every type of phone model in stock as inventory, it's impossible, we don't have that kind of money.

So please remember to informl us of your specific phone model and we are going to buy the exact raw metarial case for your phone model. This takes 2-3 days. And another few days to make these cases. 

Shipment to the United States takes around 7-25 days(It depends on which month you place the order). And Shipment to other countries varies a little. We will make sure we choose the suitable shipping method and have you guys receive your case ASAP. We are very experienced in global shipment because we have a special consultant. Please feel confident to buy with us. We are professional and we care a lot.

Our phone cases are not painted by paint oil, we use colored resin mixed with eco-friendly color concentrate to do the coloring. It smells a little bit(smell less than oil painting). But after 1 week or so, the smell would go away. But the sense of smell sensitivity varies among people. So please don't mind if you decide to purchase this case ;). We really did our homework choosing top-quality materials. We import our pigment from France. And that's one of the reasons why this case is a little expensive. (Another reason is that it takes about 5-7 days to make one case like this, we want to make sure we deliver the best quality so we take our time making phone cases)

Give us an opportunity and buy with us! We won't let you down I promise.