Steampunk cosplay wood cover 3D notebook

Steampunk cosplay wood cover 3D notebook

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Steampunk cosplay wood cover 3D notebook, steampunk diary accessory, cosplay journal accessory, steampunk cosplay LARP gift

An awesome handmade wood cover steampunk 3D ringbinder notebook in copper and gold with lots of features. Great as a steampunk or cosplay item or as a steampunk cosplay gift.

Cogs, gears, cables, gems, pressure gauge, scrolls, turbine fan etc

Please note:
- this is an steampunk fan art project and not an official product from any company.
- as a custom made to order item this will take a week or more to prefer and ship
- colours may vary slightly due to the calibration of your monitor
- Each item is hand made so may vary slightly from item picture but will be at least 90% close to original listing if not exact. I will inform if there is going to be any major difference

WIDTH: 80mm (8cm)
HEIGHT: 110mm (11cm)