Steampunk Dieselpunk Custom Made 1800's Style Camera

Steampunk Dieselpunk Custom Made 1800's Style Camera

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From Pirkleations Creations "Give Me Steam" Department comes an accessory sure to capture the hearts(and the images) of any 
Victorian/Edwardian adventurer!!

This is a Steampunk/Dieselpunk-style metal, plastic, glass, and cardboard 1800's camera that looks like it came straight out of a Jules Verne or HG Wells adventure!! It measures 8 inches tall by 8 inches deep by 10 inches wide and weighs 2.5lbs. The accordion zoom still can expand and contract. Both the shutter lever and picture buttons still function. The inner camera body is from a Polaroid 320 Land Camera. The outer case is cardboard, sealed and painted to look like aged wood with metal trim. It DOES NOT CLOSE. The lens is metal with a glass inner housing. This fantastic device is a perfect fashion accessory for the nostalgic Air Pirate or Sky Commander capturing adventures on film as they are on the move through the Aetheric Fringe!! Perfect for Conventions, Cosplay, Modeling, Live Theater and Film Productions!

Make a memorable entrance at the annual "Air Pirates Consortium" with this stylish accessory!!! Perfect for either gentlemen or ladies of the ionosphere!!

David Pirkle has been creating unique costumes, artwork, and props for more than 35 years for the independent film industry, theater productions, haunted houses and private collectors. It has been used in many independent films, music videos, and events. His artwork has reached the four corners of the world! And now, it can reach your corner, too!! :)