Steampunk Gauntlet Pneumatic Battle Fist

Steampunk Gauntlet Pneumatic Battle Fist

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A single handmade brass plated leather steampunk style gauntlet. The brass plating can come either polished or aged. Can be made with or without the finger plating.

The leather can be dyed any color you like, all edges will be beveled, smoothed, and sealed, and all leather surfaces will be sealed with a wax finish. All hand and finger coverings will be fully articulated, so if you are using this for a larp you will still be able to swing your sword normally.

Brass and steel plates can be polished, or aged. Symbols, words, or images can be etched or engraved into the metal for an additional cost.

Various other odds and ends such as LEDs, watches, studs, faux gemstones, and more can be integrated into the design for an additional cost.

As this gauntlet is custom sized and made to order, please allow one to two months for assembly.