Steampunk Gothic Eye Decals

Steampunk Gothic Eye Decals

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ASVP Shop Steampunk Eye Decals: Add a Touch of Industrial Elegance to Your Look

Elevate your steampunk costume with these exquisite Steampunk Eye Decals from ASVP Shop. Designed for the fashion-forward and creative individual, these eye decals are the perfect addition to bring a unique and mechanical flair to your makeup and overall ensemble.


  • Steampunk-Inspired Design: These eye decals embody the essence of steampunk aesthetics. Each pack contains 6 small, intricately designed cogs, adding a striking 3D effect to your makeup.

  • Safe and Easy Application: The cogs come with self-adhesive silicon glue, ensuring a secure and skin-friendly attachment. Place them around the eye area or any part of your body to enhance your steampunk attire.

  • Versatile and Reusable: While the self-adhesive silicon glue is for one-time use, these cogs can be reapplied with any standard body glue, available widely. This makes the decals versatile for multiple occasions.

  • Subtle yet Impactful Size: Each gear is approximately 7mm in size, perfect for detailed accentuation without overpowering your look.

  • Ideal for Various Occasions: Whether you’re attending a steampunk-themed event, a costume party, or simply love unique makeup styles, these eye decals are an ideal choice.

Product Details:

  • Brand: ASVP Shop – Renowned for creative and quality costume accessories.
  • Color: Elegant Gold – to add a classic steampunk touch.
  • EAN: 5060566902298
  • Package Dimensions: 4.0 x 4.0 x 0.1 inches – Thoughtfully packaged for secure delivery.

Transform your look with ASVP Shop's Steampunk Eye Decals – a blend of artistic expression and vintage industrial charm, perfect for those who love to stand out with their style.