Steampunk Inspired Surrealistic Sea Horse Shoe Sculpture

Steampunk Inspired Surrealistic Sea Horse Shoe Sculpture

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When building a shoe sculpture, i first come up with an idea/concept and after that i'm looking for the appropriate shoe that would serve that idea.
I mostly found my shoes at flea markets, thrown away, given by friends.
After i have found the appropriate shoe, i make a mold out of it, using high quality silicon rubber.
Finally i cast fiberglass in the mold.
This its a long and expensive procedure that needs skillful and experienced hands. 

I use this technique and not real shoes, because this way i get a more "sculpturish" effect.
This also gives me the ability to work on the piece by adding different kinds of clays 
screw on it, sand it, paint it evenly and gain a very strong piece with life-time existence.

Those are some of the reasons that my pieces can some times reach high prices for some people.
Not to mention that each sculpture has a piece of my mind and soul in it.

Message me for dimension details