steampunk mini-hat

steampunk mini-hat

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A great steampunk mini-hat for steampunk or cosplay events and parties. Industrial and Victorian age looking with metallic colours and attachments. A must have for Steampunk, Industrial, Victorian parties and balls

- Fake metallic backing
- cogs, gears
- copper cables
- copper pipes
- Victorian type pressure gauges
- Victorian type green gas battery
- cross centrepiece
- working light
- steam funnel
- gems
- (optional) Steampunk certificate of ownership for above name or your name

see YouTube video here: (copy and paste the link to browser address bar)

Size: (approx)
Length: 6
Width: 5
Height: 6

Length: 15.5
Width: 12.8
Height: 15.5

Length: 15.5
Width: 12.8
Height: 15.5

Please note:
- this is an steampunk fan art project and not an official product from any company.
- as a custom made to order item this will take a week or more to prefer and ship
- colours may vary slightly due to the calibration of your monitor
- Each item is hand made so may vary slightly from item picture but will be at least 90% close
to original listing if not exact. I will inform if there is going to be any major difference