Steampunk notebook / Sailor journal "Pirate logbook"

Steampunk notebook / Sailor journal "Pirate logbook"

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Tackle and spiderweb in the corners, compass needle, the grinning Jolly Roger and ship wheel - everything has frozen and is just about coming on the run and sweeping out to the faraway and alluring coasts.

This notebook will be pleased to record your thoughts, make sketches or maybe a to-do list and plans to conquer the world :).

The pages are aged with coffee and hand sewn. You can also choose hand bound black pages. Your drawings or records will look original with a white, gold or silver handle on such pages.
There is a tab with a charm and a pocket for small leaflets inside. All the elements are securely fastened.

Gift wrapping option includes soft handmade bag, rope and kraft paper with pattern in a suitable steampunk style.

This steampunk blank journal is completely made and designed from sketch by Natalia Ilminova. You will get unique and high-quality piece of handmade, created with big love and great attention to detail and accuracy! From the author herself.

I draw your attention to the fact that I reserve the right of the master to make minor changes in the form of replacement of some elements, as well as to improve the quality. I do my best to preserve the overall look and feel.

Size: A6
16 х 11,5 х 4 cm
6.3 х 4.5 х 1.6 "
120 pages (240 sides)