The Mechanical Thinking Fish - Steampunk necklace

The Mechanical Thinking Fish - Steampunk necklace

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The base starts with a silver plated brass collar measuring 15 inches in length (see below for exact sizing) and 4 inches (10cm) at deepest part of the V. To create the ‘piece I have texture enamelled the background to give a ‘molten’ metal effect. I began with a metal fish with an articulated tail and layered cogs. I wire wrapped a ‘light bulb’ component, which is stamped with the word believe, and created the ‘Mechanical Thinking fish’. I love the look of this creation and think that the silver colour way gives a different take on the usual steampunk colours. This is a ‘one off’ statement piece.

I love Steampunk the very idea of Fantasy, Victoriana and Sci-Fi are a tempting combination to a jewellery designer like me who loves Over the Top embellishments. I have been working on several Steampunk pieces recently which I have thoroughly enjoyed making. I love to change from one medium to another and come back refreshed to each.


Length 15 inches (38 cm) the style of this collar means that the collar will fit a wide range of neck sizes W38mm x 0.60mm see pictures to see open style of collar at the back.

Depth of collar 1 inch (2 cm) to 4 inches 10cm at widest point

All Jewellery items are boxed

General care instructions: 
I want you to enjoy my pieces for many years and so would ask you to please consider the following. This item is made from delicate materials such as patina plated brass, copper wire, beads and stones. Please allow enough time for body lotions and similar to absorb into your skin before putting item on and always spray perfumes /deodorants / hair sprays before wearing Jewellery.